Dental chair (Model 8050) (NO:OMDC002)

Dental chair (Model 8050)


1.      Seat

*Model VIS-2000 Electric-hydraulic dental chair with PCB      1 set 

       *Oil pump & cylinder

*2 Armrest                                       


*Chair going up and down

*Backrest going up and down

*Synchronized backrest and seat trendelemburg

*Security when chair is going down: instant stop and rising up 20mm when touch obstacle during the program of going down

*Chair Autolock when any handpiece is working

*3 pre-programmable seat positions

*Auto zero position

*Auto cupsidor position(LP position)

2.      Spitting Cupsidor Unit

*Rotatable spitting bowel                           1 set

*Water heater                     1 set

*Rotatable assistant bar (one-piece formed with 4 holders)      1 set

* 3-way syringe                2 sets

*Saliva ejector with filter            1 set

*Air suction with filter              1 set

*Foot controller for system & seat         1 set

*Junction box with water and air filter                1 set

*Balance arm with brake             1 set

*X-ray viewer                           1 set

*Holder in instrument tray            5 sets

*Separate tube system  can supply air or water working individually